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Of course, you need to consider ethical principles when applying for jobs. The same goes for email applications. Most importantly, it is based on the language used, the documentation created, and so on.

Luckily, Qneksi has the right way to apply for job seekers via email.

Please come to see more! Here are some things to consider and pay attention to when applying via email:

1. Make sure the email is correct

Indeed many people have multiple email accounts. Now, if you want to apply for a job via email, make sure you use an email address dedicated to professional activities.

Try using only the full name without any additions. If you use a personal email with a less professional name, recruiters may think you are not taking this job very seriously.

Also, don't use overly complex informal email names. This is a special consideration for HRD or recruiters. Finally, make sure your email address matches the one on your to-do list. Some companies usually email HRD and then ask the manager or another data subject to CC (copy) it. To avoid confusion, here are some examples you can take a look at.

Full name: Rani Suryani

Email addresses to avoid:

The email address that can be used:

2. Prepare the required documents neatly

When applying by email, the next thing to keep in mind is to prepare all the required documents. After looking at job listings, such as social media and job search sites, pay close attention to the documents needed when sending an email. This is because not all companies require documents such as diplomas, photocopies of ID cards, photos, etc., to be sent directly via email applications. The two documents you will most likely need are a resume and a cover letter.

However, if you need to attach all of these files from your company, try merging them all into one clean copy. Also, be sure to give the file a professional name in the format your recruiter wants, just as you would with an email address.

For example, you can follow how to write an application file in the following correct email:

"(Name)-Curriculum Vitae.pdf" and also "(name)-Cover Letter.doc."

Do not use writing like this "(name) latest Curriculum Vitae 2020" or other markups because it seems informal. Usually, many HRD can't see the contents of their resume because the filename is not expert. The file formats that are usually required are .pdf, .doc, or .jpeg. Therefore, do not use the rip or rar format. This is because you can reduce the size of documents in ZIP or Rar format, but these are difficult for recruiters to access.

Also, don't send large documents that are larger than 1MB. If there is an excess, you can compress the file first. This is very important. With application documents smaller than 1 MB, recruiters can easily download all application files. As a result, the hiring stage does not take much time because the hiring manager can process all files quickly.

Hiring for working

3. Write the subject clearly

If you're applying by email, make sure the short, concise, and straightforward subject line. Why is that? When you start Resume Writer, the subject is at the beginning of the email, so this is an easily recognizable section. When a recruiter opens an email application, they will first see the email header, one of which is the subject.

HRD may not recognize your intentions without a clear statement and may even consider you a non-expert candidate. The company will usually provide direction in the form of provisions in writing the email subject. This they provide so that candidates can avoid the hassle when writing the subject of the application.

Not only that, but the examples they provide are also available for fresh graduates who have just entered the world of work and are professionals. An example of a subject writing format is generally "A job application (counted position)." In addition, you can also add your full name in front of the subject presentation. Here's an example:

Rani Suryani -Job Application-Copywriter

Even so, two beginner mistakes are sometimes still often made, namely writing with too many elements or not even writing the email subject at all.

Examples of common errors are as follows:

Rani Suryani -Job Applications for Up-and-coming Companies Subject to Copywriter-19 Jun 2021

So, when writing an email to apply for a job, make sure that you have filled in the subject field, OK?

4. Include the opening, body, and closing of the email

The following way to apply for a job via email is to write a good email text. This is mandatory for candidates who want to attach their application documents. After all, how do recruiters without an email body evaluate your skills and personality?

You are ready to properly create an official newsletter for greetings, beginning, text, end, etc. You can start with a self-introduction and write it step-by-step, starting from the purpose of writing to the final description of the attachment you create. To avoid confusion, here are some key points and sample job application email texts you can note, as shown in The Balance Careers.

  • The reason why you sent a job application email.

  • Description of the job position you are looking for.

  • A description of the qualifications you have for the job being applied for.

  • Describe the things that you can offer to potential employers.

  • Include your contact or social media that can be contacted so that the company can follow up quickly.

  • In essence, try to convey all points briefly, concisely, and clearly, so that recruiters know the intent of your email.

The most critical points are above, so you don't need to write long. If your recruiter asks questions during an interview, you can learn more about yourself.

Do not forget where you saw the company's job listings.

5. Use formal language

The primary way to apply for jobs via email is by using the official language English or Indonesian. Avoid the greeting words "I you" and "gu elo." Be careful with punctuation and capitalization when writing your email.

Be sure to start with your company name, your name, and the recruiter's name in capital letters (e.g., PT. Maju Mundur Kena). In addition, you need to pay attention to the spelling of every word you enter. For example, be careful with punctuation and capitalization.

Capital letters are usually only used for the company name, your name, and the name of the intended recruiter. From the whole writing, you also have to make sure that there are no typos in the body of the email because this can make you look careless in the eyes of recruiters.

6. Email delivery time

After verifying that the email contents are correct, there are other labels to pay attention to. This is the delivery time. Try sending an email during business hours from 8 am to 5 pm. If your company is still open, the best time to email your application is between 10 am and 2 pm. Please do not send emails outside business hours or in the middle of the night. If you've been looking at a late-night to-do list, there's a great way to get ready in advance.

Compose an email with the requested documents and schedule the email sent the following day during business hours. You can more easily summarize all the steps above, from preparing the document to sending it to determining the delivery date. For clarity, here are a few simple steps you can take each time you email your application file: Gather the entire requirements file.

  • Convert all documents into PDF files.

  • Use a professional email.

  • Pay attention to the delivery time.

  • Sign in to the email account that will be used.

  • Write an email via the Compose menu.

  • Write down the recruiter's email address.

  • Write the subject of the email.

  • Write the body of the email.

  • Attach the job application requirements file.

  • Double-check the address, subject, body of the email as a whole.

  • Now that you know how to apply for a job via email, it's time for you to choose the right career for you.

Make a career plan so that you know which vacancies are suitable, as well as what skills you must add to increase your chances of being accepted.

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