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When it's rumored that you're no longer working for a company, there's bound to be a lot of emotion. Related to that, several things should be avoided after being fired from the office. The reason is that doing something based on emotions like this can actually harm you. Then, what mistakes must be avoided after just being fired? Come on, read this article to the end to find out the answer!

Avoid These Mistakes After Getting Fired

1. Immediately leave the office

The first thing to avoid is to leave the office immediately after being fired. You must be emotional and still trying hard to digest this incident. Even so, leaving the office right away was a mistake. Don't let your emotions make you lose important personal data that may be on your office computer. It is recommended to save professional or personal data that you think is important periodically. The reason is that the employment relationship can be terminated or terminated at any time.

2. Refuse to coordinate

For example, the company asks you to sign some important documents. You refuse to make adjustments because you don't accept being fired. The more adjustments you make, the easier it will be to make transitions and impressions in the office.

3. Blaming coworkers

Another thing to avoid after being fired is getting emotional and blaming your coworkers and boss. When reporting monsters, it's essential to specialize in this termination process to not jeopardize your relationship with your boss or colleagues. Suppose you are quick to anger and blame them for what happened to you. In that case, it will certainly make your professional career difficult. What if I need a letter of recommendation from my boss? Therefore, it is essential to maintain good relations with your coworkers no matter how you feel.

4. Not asking for an explanation from HR

Another mistake to avoid is not asking your manager or talent (HR) for clarification. In fact, one of the roles of human resources is to be a bridge between employees and their managers. Still, you don't need to ask for explanations on the ground. according to Business Insiders, it's okay to ask for a meeting, arrange another day, get an explanation, or discuss the details of the leave. In fact, it's better to get it all done in one day. However, if you feel your abilities are low, no problem. Just adjust to your abilities.

5. Leaving without knowing the other options in the company

Another thing to avoid is not considering the company's other options after being fired. Perhaps one of the reasons for your dismissal was that your skills did not match your previous position. If you have a good relationship with the company and haven't been fired for a fatal mistake, ask about other jobs at the company. Who knows, is there a better position for your skillset?


6. Spread the news of dismissal without thinking

According to Balance Career, one thing to avoid after leaving is telling people about the release. In low stability and perhaps still emotional situations, the message conveyed tends to be poor. You may subconsciously belittle the name of your boss or company. In fact, it is your emotions, not yourself. If you're feeling emotional and want to talk about the details of the release, find a safe place to talk. Only tell your close friends and avoid expressing your emotions on open platforms like social media.

7. Not asking for letters of recommendation

Another mistake you might make is to leave immediately, but forget to ask your boss for a testimonial. In fact, a letter of recommendation from your boss will help you find a job later. The recommendation letter also shows that the relationship with the old office was successfully resolved even though it was dismissed.

8. Loss of confidence

The last thing to avoid after a vacation is to keep blaming yourself. This causes a loss of self-confidence. Perhaps one of the reasons you were fired was poor performance or company standards. Still, take this as a lesson. Is this really the wrong job for you? Once out, it will be a place to rethink your career options and continue to improve. Well, you have it, eight things to avoid after being fired from your old office.

I hope you can avoid the mistakes above.

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