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For those who apply for a job, the psychological job test is one of the steps that applicants must face to get it. This step makes many people feel the need to pass a psychological test and find a way to get the job they want.

When entrepreneurs read this desire, they have written books and articles on counselling to take psychological tests to pass the screening stage. Take a look at your favourite bookstore, and you will find many books on psychometry.

Test Physicotest

Tips for doing psychological tests smoothly

Psychological tests are easy and difficult. Why is it so? Psychological tests are questions that ask to determine the personality of prospective employees. Many companies use psychological tests to find suitable candidates for their business. Psychological tests are straightforward and complicated, but these tests can make you dizzy. It recommends following the advice during the psychological test to choose a job. Here's a tip.

1. Confidence and Optimism

One of the first psychological tests you can take is self-confidence and optimism. If you are physically and mentally prepared to handle various psychological tests, self-confidence will help you make positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. When you are ready, your confidence will increase automatically, and you will be more likely to take some tests. But on the other hand, if you feel pessimistic, you will have difficulty doing the various tests given.

2. Other questions about psychometric tests Practical examples

The key to taking the next psychometric test is to increase the number of psychometric tests. Many of these questions have more or less the same format. The problem is only different in form and way of solving it.

All psychological test questions are essentially the same, but improving this practice will make it easier to ask psychological test questions along the way. Would you please apply for a job? Studying and preparing for different types of psychometric tests is part of preparing for psychometric tests. Psychometric test questions are available from many specialized psychological test practice books. Alternatively, you can do it online.

3. Focus and focus

Concentration and concentration is the trick to following the next psychological test. Concentration, completeness and composure are the key factors that make it easier to pass this type of test.

Without these three factors, the expected results will be far from reality. You can be wise and wise, but without integrity and restlessness, it will be nothingness. It might even cause you to fail this type of intelligence test.

4. Pray

Prayer is the first and last thing you should do. It is advisable to pray before and after the psychological test. Man can only try, and God decides everything. Prayer can also make it easier for you in everything that you experience.

The best way to pass a psychological test is to learn from experience. Keep improving yourself and improving your skills in every psychological test you face. For example, practice the mistakes and difficulties you encountered on the previous psychological test, read the entire psychological test material overnight, and prepare as well as possible physically before taking the psychometric test the next day. (refreshment).

From the tips on how to take the psychological test above, it will be beneficial when you want to take the psychological test for new employees. As previously mentioned, psychological tests come in many types of questions with different formats and methods. This time I will share some psychological test tips so that you can answer correctly. Here are some tips to help you take the psychological test quickly and easily.

Woman doing a physicotest

What kind of test?

1. Arithmetic Logic Operation Test

This test consists of a series of numbers. This test measures your ability to analyze and understand specific patterns and trends (such as a series of numbers) and make predictions based on those patterns.

Here are some tips.

• The pattern can be a row, a row group, or a jumping group, so consider the entire row rather than focusing on 3

the first number in the line.

• Don't forget the deadline. Please don't get too caught up in it; focus on one exciting issue. Ignore the problematic questions and start working on the simple ones.

• These questions allow you to practice your skills, from the SPMB test book to math material or geometric series.

2. Logic Reasoning Test

This test consists of a series of 2D and 3D images. Like arithmetic and logic tests, what you want to measure in this test is your ability to understand specific patterns or trends (aspect ratios) and make predictions.

3. Wartegg Test

This test consists of 8 boxes containing specific shapes such as dots, curve lines, three parallel lines, squares, two lines intersecting each other, two separate lines, seven curved dots, and curved lines.

You will ask to draw and then write down the sequence of pictures you have made, then write down the number of which pictures you like the most, don't like, are complicated, and easy for you.

Wartegg test measured in this test is the subject's emotion, imagination, intelligence, and activity. Tips in doing this psychological test are:

• The order of drawing you should make a combination of according to number and random. For example 1,2,3,4 then 8,7,6,5. Because if you draw in order 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, then you will be viewed by HRD as a rigid/conservative person. Meanwhile, if you draw randomly, for example, 5,7,6,8,3,2,4,1, you will be viewed by HRD as someone who is too creative, innovative, and tends to be rebellious.

• If you are male, do not start with the number 5 because some assumptions say this affects your sexual orientation.

4. Draw A Man Test (DAM)

This test requires you to draw a picture of a person, then describe the person's age, gender, and activities. This test uses to determine the responsibility, confidence, stability, and resilience of your work. Tips:

• Draw a complete picture of the person from head to toe, including facial details such as eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

• Draw the person in a state of activity, for example, a farmer carrying a hoe, a young executive is carrying a suitcase, etc.

5. Army Alpha Intelligence Test

This test consists of 12 questions that contain a combination of a row of numbers and a row of shapes. Each of the questions is related to the other. This test is to measure your grasping ability in receiving and executing instructions quickly and precisely. The tips are as follows.

• Concentrate on what the narrator says because the narrator will not repeat the instructions, and the time given is minimal.

• Patient, do not rush to answer before the narrator finishes giving instructions. Example: The narrator will dictate the question as follows: Cross out the odd numbers in the box and cross out the even numbers in the circle, do it!

6. Draw a Tree

In this test, you will ask to describe a tree with the following criteria: cambium (dicotyl), branching, and fruiting. You are not allowed to draw bamboo trees, bananas, shrubs, or other types of monocot plants.

In each test, draw a tree that has passed, for example, drawing a jackfruit tree because the tree represents a cambium plant (dicotyl). b Even if you are not very good at drawing, try to remove in detail and detail every tree component, such as the stem, leaf shape, leaf density, fruit, roots, even tree grooves. For maximum results, take a photo of the tree, learn the character of the tree type, then practice your drawing skills by referring to the picture.

7. Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS)

This test consists of the answer choices that best reflect you. This test is to determine how much a person's motivation, needs, and motives are. Tips:

• Answer each question honestly according to your condition, at least the closest one, because the questions repeat in subsequent numbers, so if your answers are out of sync, this will cost you. Your honesty is related to a reflection of your suitability for the job vacancy you are applying for.

• Overall, this EPPS test is the most difficult to adjust, but at least some questions can adapt to the job vacancy you choose. For example, when you apply to become a bank employee, choose answers that reflect honesty, regularity, discipline, and the ability to work in teamwork.

• Due to the difficulty of the adjustment process to this test, the most practical way is to improve yourself (self-improvement). In every way, form yourself as a professional in your daily behaviour, such as honesty, faithful to promises, responsibility, and discipline. Because it is a reflection of your positive mindset and behaviour, it contains without you knowing it in the test results

Problems example:

• I like to compliment people I admire.

• I want to feel free to do whatever I want.

• I feel that, in many ways, I am inferior to others.

• I like to shirk responsibilities and obligations.

Experience is the best teacher. Make continuous improvements both to yourself and to your abilities in every psychological test you face. Because with this mechanism, psychological tests are not a scourge that you should avoid. However, gradually you will become friends and familiar with the psychological test.

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