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Fresh graduates should be familiar with cover letters. This document is one of the essential elements for anyone who wants to apply for a company. There are many examples of cover letters on the internet. However, job seekers need to know how to write a good and correct cover letter. These are the components of a good and proper job application letter that can be your consideration.

Definition of Job Application Letter

A job application letter asks for a job submitted by a job seeker to a job vacancy provider. The content requests that the job seeker can be accepted to work at the intended place/company. The contents of a job application letter are formal and official.

Job Application Letter Function

A job application letter does not only function as a formal requirement to apply for a job. The job application letter prepared has a very crucial position for job seekers because its actual functions are:

1. Official Application Sign

A job application letter serves as a substitute for yourself to be present in person and apply for a job to the leader or HRD of the company. When you send this letter, the company will take you seriously looking for work in its place. So, your application will be processed immediately, either accepted or rejected according to your classification.

2. Communication Tools

The sentence of a job application letter contains essential information on who the applicant is looking for a job at the company. A job application letter is usually accompanied by other documents in the form of a CV, diploma, transcript, certificate of expertise, etc.

This information is used as the basis for the company's consideration in recruiting prospective employees. They will call prospective employees whose educational background and achievements meet the company's qualifications.

3. HRD Considerations

Well, it has been explained previously that the information contained in a job application letter can be the key to getting you called for a test and interview. The better and more correct you are in making a job application letter, the HRD will glance at you.

Moreover, if you manage to use polite, formal language, the number of plus points will increase.

job Application Letter

Job Application Letter Components

Job application letters have standard rules that you must follow. In addition to using a formal and common language, a good and correct job application letter must also have the following mandatory components:

1. Place and Date of Letter

The place and date on the job application letter are placed in the upper right corner of the paper. Locations and dates are written with a "comma" separator and without a period ending.

For example :

Yogyakarta, March 12, 2021

2. Attachment and Subject of the Letter

The word "attachment" must be written in full without abbreviations. Then the number indicating the number of attachments must be written in letters.

For example:

Attachment: Three Sheets

Subject: Employment Application

3. Mailing Destination Address

At the top of the letter usually, people always write "To". But it turns out that this is forbidden to be written in a job application letter. There is an example of a job application letter that does include it. But you should not need to write the word "to".

The mention of the person/leader addressed by the letter may also not have the prefix "Mr/Mrs". Just write down the intended position. The mailing address should also not be abbreviated. But try no more than three lines.

Dear. HR Manager PT. Eternal Prosperity

H.R. Street Rasuna Said No. 03A Kav.04

South Jakarta

4. Greetings Opening Letters

The most common greeting used in job application letters is "Sincerely". This greeting is usually written separately and ends with a comma. But it turns out that this greeting should be made into 1 line with the concurrent sentence.

Formal example:

Sincerely, based on job vacancy information posted on the site.

Yours faithfully,

Based on the job vacancies posted in the newspaper…

5. Letter Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph of this letter should be written in polite language. You should include the source of the job vacancy information (if any) and a sincere desire to join the company.

6. The Essence of the Letter

At the core of this job application letter, there is a brief bio about yourself. Then also write a list of attachments that are included in the application.

7. Closing Paragraph

In this section, write down your desire to be accepted to work in that place. You can write down your wish to be called for a test and interview. Don't forget to write thank you at the end of the paragraph.

Even though making a job application looks so easy, companies will look at documents of interest to them. Many job applications are rejected simply because the cover letter is wrong, impolite, or even unattractive.

Then, what are the tips for making an exciting sample cover letter?

Read the terms of the job vacancy you are applying for. Do not write biodata and attach documents that are outside the context of the company's requirements.

• Write a job application letter informal, standard language, and based on enhanced spelling (EYD).

• Write a letter briefly, concisely, and clearly. Avoid making long-winded sentences.

• Write down the purpose of the letter.

• Check your job application letter. Don't let wrong words, typos, or dirty paper.

• If the job application letter is handwritten, make sure to write it neatly and cleanly. Use a gel pen that is easily absorbed and preferably bold black.

A job application letter is a significant part of the process of applying to a company. The better and more correct, the HRD will consider you a professional and potential job seeker. Learn some examples of job application letters that are now widely available on the internet.

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