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Finding a job is not easy. Especially now, where many businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Better focus and overall ability when looking for a job. Do not between sizes because the results will not be optimal. As soon as a job opening opens, especially one that matches your interests or passions, you'll be on the move in no time. Use your time and energy to get the job you want. Avoid looking for work this way if you don't want to be disappointed.

1. Trust One Source

There are many trusted job portals that you can trust to find a job today. But you shouldn't just rely on job posting websites. Look for other sources for job vacancies, such as websites and social media of ministries/agencies, such as the Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of SOEs and others. Or you can go directly to the company's official website.

For example, if you want to work at a financial technology (fintech) company, try going to each of the official websites of the fintech company and looking for a job in the careers menu. Get information, inspiration and ideas in your email. Sign up for an email. This is very important to you because companies don't always put up a job board when they open a vacancy. So make sure to look for jobs from a variety of sources.


2. While opening an online shopping site

Looking for work for hours on end can be tedious, especially if you can't find the right job for you. The result is an effort to find work while opening an online shopping site. Let the spirit of the alibi. But he was looking for something.

Instead of increasing his income, he increases his expenses because of the temptation of lust. If you are bored and tired of looking for work online, take a break. Don't even blindly shop online. This has nothing to do with finding a job and is just a waste of time.

3. Make an ordinary CV

If you want your HRD to look that way, your cover letter and CV should be as attractive as possible. If it looks B or normal, that's also a lie. There is no added value in the eyes of HRD. For example, if you are compared to other candidates who have the same experience and skills but can make your CV better, more creative, then HR will be attracted to you. Then call for a job interview. At least you are one step ahead of the other applicants.

4. Don't know the company profile

This is one of the most common mistakes made when looking for a job. Just get a job offer in any company, just apply. The important thing is to apply. First, the name is also the company, that's why. Don't post a company profile just yet. As soon as you are invited for a job interview, you have no idea what the company's industry is, what its core business is.

Questions about the company you are applying for cannot be answered easily and will prevent you from getting a job. Isn't it pointless to find a job like this? Also, if you can't find the company profile, you may be stuck in a fake job posting or business box. Your data is sold to other companies or fraudulently misused by others.

5. Avoid companies with difficult recruitment offices

Not only recent graduates, but many experienced candidates also avoid vacancies with difficult recruitment offices. Even though what is written in the description is not necessarily as complicated as the reality on the ground. So don't despair before trying.

If you're scared or just want easy tasks and responsibilities, it's okay if you don't get the job.

6. Submit your application on the last day

Don't submit your application at the last second so as not to waste time looking for a job. Such habits can lead to errors. You are starting from mistakes in writing job applications, compiling resumes and other requirements needed to apply for jobs. As a result, he was called for a job interview but was flatly rejected. Also, there is a possibility of website errors or crashes if you register in the last few days.

7. Uncertain expectations

After applying to a company, don't be complacent. Then wait for HRD to report. Take advantage of waiting times to find and distribute candidates at other companies.

As a result, your chances will increase. Rejected calls, or no calls from one company, remain open at another company.

This is what is used for "fishing" in many places. Dare to go out of your comfort zone. Even though finding a job is not easy, believe that the efforts you put in today and in the future will not be worth it.

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